What is Pima Cotton?

In the vast valleys of South America, where the sun kisses the earth and the air is infused with a warm glow, a remarkable variety of cotton thrives: Pima cotton. This beautiful cotton is renowned for its exceptional softness, durability, and sheen. It is here, in this sun-soaked region, that the story of Stratton Montez begins.

Once, we were just a dream, a vision of fashion infused with quality and dedication to the environment. Our quest for the perfect fabric led us to the high plateaus of South America, where Pima cotton plants flourish in fertile soil and a gentle climate. Here, we discovered the key to creating the most refined and sustainable shirts.

Pima cotton, with its extraordinarily long fibers, yields a smooth and silky fabric that feels like an embrace against the skin. The material is breathable and moisture-absorbent, allowing you to feel fresh and comfortable all day long, even in the hottest climates.

At Stratton Montez, we are committed to embracing the unique qualities of Pima cotton. Each of our shirts is crafted with love and craftsmanship, with a focus on every detail. We believe in timeless elegance and sustainability, and Pima cotton fits perfectly into this vision.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to provide you with the most luxurious, comfortable, and environmentally friendly shirts you will ever wear. Choosing Pima cotton is a choice for both refinement and responsibility.

So, every time you wear a Stratton Montez shirt, you carry not only a piece of sun-soaked South America on your skin but also contribute to a world of fashion that respects the planet. Welcome to the world of Stratton Montez, where Pima cotton and elegance come together in perfect harmony.

What is the Difference Between Pima Cotton and Regular Cotton?

Pima cotton distinguishes itself from regular cotton by the strength and length of its fibers. The fiber of Pima cotton is much stronger than that of regular cotton, with fibers that are 35% longer. This results in a softer, more robust cotton with a beautiful sheen. Pima cotton is also lighter in weight than regular cotton.

Differences between Pima Cotton and Egyptian Cotton?

Pima cotton is of similar quality to Egyptian cotton. The fibers of Pima cotton are usually slightly shorter than those of the Egyptian variety. Both cotton types are finely woven, allowing them to absorb more moisture than regular cotton.

Properties of Pima Cotton

Due to the extra fiber length, Pima cotton absorbs color better and maintains the color of Pima fabrics longer. Pima cotton is also more sustainable than regular cotton. Its production is less harmful to the environment, making it one of the most eco-friendly cotton varieties. Pima cotton is also more shape-retentive. However, Pima cotton does absorb more moisture than regular cotton, making it somewhat more challenging to clean in some cases.

Applications of Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is used in high-quality clothing and by brands that value sustainability. It is applied in all types of clothing, from underwear to outerwear. We offer Pima cotton shirts from the luxury clothing brand Stratton Montez, which, due to their fine weave, are both strong and exceptionally soft.

The Benefits of Pima Cotton

A shirt from Stratton Montez made of Pima cotton is of the highest quality. It stays beautiful much longer than comparable shirts made of regular cotton. It retains its color and shape for a longer time. Due to the lower fabric weight, these shirts are lighter and more breathable. As a result, Pima cotton shirts are incredibly comfortable, soft, and highly durable.