Facemask / mouth masks Loose Filters


Suitable for our Masks, but also for various other masks where you need a filter.
The filters are 5-layer with activated carbon filters (Non-stick cloth, 
meltblown cloth and active carbon)
Protects you by blocking 99% non-oil based particles in the air. Protect yourself from non-toxic dust, pollen, powders, smog, and other airborne irritants.
Filter lasts 40-60 hours. Replace with a new filter after use.
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Product Description

These filters have several layers that block more than 99.99% of the harmful particles in the air. Inside the Stratton Montez mask, there is room for the filters that can be easily replaced.

Mouth mask filters are available in our webshop or in the store In Hengelo

Additional Information

Filter Mondkapje

PM2..5 Carbon