Stratton Montez Snow White Mont Blanc de Courmayeur C


Stratton-Montez-Dent-Blanche-C-Shirt-Rainbow-Raglan-With-Cut-Away-Collar-Hidden-Button-Cut-Away-Collar-shark-fin collar-Color-Snow-White-T-Structure


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Product Description

Men’s Shirt Type Mont Blanc de Courmayeur C

Color: Snow White with T Structure
Material: 100% Cotton Satin Easy Care
Collar: Single 1 button collar
Type Collar: Cut-Away (shark fin collar)
Brand: Stratton Montez

Rainbow Raglan: Sleeve cut from a single piece of fabric for optimal comfort.
You can choose to wear the shirt with or without a breast pocket. This can be set up afterwards (is included).
Special features: Cufflinks function,shark fin collar.

Additional Information

Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 8 cm