Our new Button Under Collar hits the perfect spot between casual and formal. With him, you will always feel and look perfectly styled.

The Button-Under stands for it’s simplicity and is worn without a tie. The buttons are located under the collar wings with hidden button loops under the collar. Like this, your collar always stays in place and guarantees you a perfect look throughout the day. The Button-Under collar combines the best of two worlds: security and simplicity.

Cut Away

The Cut Away Collar is one of the essentials of modern shirt design. The balanced shape makes for a versatile collar that match any face shape and can be worn either with or without a tie.

The cut away collar was originally created to match the wide Windsor tie knot made popular by the likes of Prince George and Edward VIII. It’s characterised by its spread between the collar points and the medium height. Our version of The Cut Away Collar works for both wide and slim tie knots and goes well with the classic business uniform. You can also wear it unbuttoned under your sport jacket or knit sweater for a more relaxed, yet sophisticated look. The woven interlining gives the collar a slightly curved shape that elegantly frames the wearer’s face.